How do I withdraw from the term?

If you want to withdraw from all of your courses for the semester, you will need to complete a Term Withdrawal Form at Carefully read the policies regarding term withdrawal and follow the instructions included on the form.

You should discuss the subject of whether it is a good idea to withdraw with your professors or instructors. It may also be a good idea to discuss it with your advisor. However, your academic advisor does not necessarily need to sign your term withdrawal form. After you have discussed whether you are going to withdraw (with your professors/instructors/advisor) and have made the decision to withdraw, then if you are a current College of Arts & Science student you should go to the College of Arts & Science Advising Office in 107 Lowry Hall to begin the withdrawal process. That office has walk-in advising availability and issues Dean’s stamps Monday-Friday during the regular academic session. To confirm walk-in hours, call their office at (573) 882-6411.