Academic Advising

Schedule an appointment with your advisor online via MU Connect. If the advisor is not currently assigned as your advisor in myZou and MU Connect, then you will need to search for the advisor in MU Connect. Under "Services" in MU Connect, you should search for the advisor by name and then click the "members" tab to find the advisor and schedule an appointment.

If you have trouble scheduling via MU Connect and need to meet with an advisor, email the advisor for assistance.

If you’re not sure if you need to schedule an appointment, email the advisor your question(s) from your MU student email account and include your name and student ID number.

No. After you meet with your academic advisor to review the major and general education requirements, it is your responsibility to create a course schedule each term. Your advisor can guide you and even put courses in your Schedule Planner in myZou, but you must enroll yourself. Be sure to use Schedule Planner to assist you in this process.

In the College of Arts & Science, you need to file a graduation plan by the time you have completed 60 hours. You will need to meet with your advisor for assistance in completing the grad plan. Your advisor will electronically submit your grad plan on your behalf to staff in 107 Lowry Hall for processing. You will receive notification via your MU email account once your grad plan is checked/approved and your expected graduation date is entered in myZou.

A graduation check is a final review of your remaining requirements for graduation, which is completed by staff in the Arts and Science Advising Office in 107 Lowry Hall.

Once you have registered for your final term, the final grad checker, Eric Carter, will email you with confirmation that you have enrolled in the correct courses. You may email Mr. Carter at to let him know you are ready to be checked. You MUST be enrolled in your final term before contacting him.

Campus Resources

View academic dates and deadlines on the Academic Calendar.

The College of Arts and Science Advising Support Center is located on the first floor of Lowry Hall. That office has drop-in/Zoom in advising availability Monday-Friday during the regular academic session. To confirm drop-in/Zoom in hours, call their office at (573) 882-6411. Or you may email From December 2022-August 2023, the office is located on the first floor of Math Sciences Building while the first floor of Lowry Hall is being renovated.

MU’s Financial Aid website provides information about types of scholarships; including scholarships, grants, and loans offered through the University of Missouri. You can also search online for scholarships; is one resource, but there are many others.

You may contact the A&S Internship Coordinator Kirsten Pape at as well as the A&S Career Coach Justine Durham at The MU Career Center can also help you search for an internship or job.

There are multiple opportunities to get involved on campus and off campus through the Student Life office.

In general, you should begin preparing for a study abroad experience a year in advance. Follow the step-by-step instructions at to get started.

Degree/Course Requirements

You should check the Distribution of Content Course List (also referred to as the general education or gen ed site) to see if a course can count as a general education requirement. In general, if the course is on the list, you can count it; if not, you can’t.

You can find courses designated as Writing Intensive at


Your registration date will be available during the Early Registration period. Find the dates for Early Registration in the Academic Calendar. To find your registration date, log in to myZou and visit the Student Services Center. In the Enrollment box on the right-hand side of the page, select details. Then select the correct semester and your enrollment date and time will be displayed. Note: Plan to enroll as close to your registration date as possible; if you do not enroll in the classes that you need during Early Registration, they might fill up!

To check if you have a registration hold, log in to myZou and visit the Student Services Center. Holds are indicated in the box on the upper right-hand side of the page. For information on lifting the hold, click details and then click the hold. When you click the hold, the contact information for the office that can lift the hold will be displayed. Your academic advisor cannot release your holds; you will have to take the necessary action in order to have your hold released.

If you are interested in a course, please make sure to click on the section information in myZou and read all of the additional course information before attempting to enroll in the course; prerequisites and special requirements are indicated in this section. If you are unable to add a course, you may not meet the prerequisites.

If a course you want to enroll in is closed or you are unable to enroll, you need to contact the department or professor offering the course and request permission to add the course. If a permission number is not granted, you can keep checking back on myZou periodically to see if there is an opening. Another student might drop the course, thus opening up a seat. It is best to have an alternate course in mind in case you do not get your first choice.

You are allowed to repeat up to 15 credit hours of C- or lower coursework under the course repeat/GPA adjustment request policy. Repeating a course is not always the best option. Talk to your advisor to see if repeating a course is right for you. View the course repeat/GPA adjustment request policy and access the form here.

A Mizzou Online self-paced class will be applied to the semester in which you enroll. However, there is a deadline near the middle of the semester for enrollment in Mizzou Online self-paced courses; after this point, if you enroll in a Mizzou Online self-paced class, it will appear on your schedule for the next semester.

Students seeking readmission should be officially readmitted BEFORE contacting the advisor. First, submit a readmission application available at If you also need to submit an appeal, contact 107 Lowry Hall at (573) 882-6411 for more information. If you left MU because you were Ineligible to Enroll and you have questions about meeting readmission requirements, contact 107 Lowry Hall at (573) 882-6411.


To request an official MU transcript, you must visit the University of Missouri Registrar’s website and fill out an online form. There is a fee associated with ordering an official transcript.

You can get an unofficial transcript (student academic profile) from myZou. To email a copy of your academic history to yourself, go to Self Service, Student Center. From the Student Center, select Student Academic Profile from the “Other Academic” drop-down list. Click the “Go” button.

You must contact the Registrar’s office at that institution and request a transcript from them. If you are having the transcript sent to MU, send it to the Admissions office. There is typically a fee for requesting an official transcript.