Graduation Plan

A graduation plan is the form students file in the A&S Advisement Center in 107 Lowry to declare officially and receive acceptance for a major. Students are eligible to create and file a grad plan AFTER they:

  • Earn 60 credit hours. 
  • Complete Math 1100 or an equivalent course with a C- or higher.
  • Complete English 1000 with a C- or higher.
  • Achieve a 2.0 cumulative GPA

If the graduation plan is not filed by the time the student has earned 60 credit hours, a registration hold preventing enrollment in the next term is placed on the student’s myZou account. Students eligible to file a graduation plan should do so before Early Registration begins. For registration dates, see:

The process for filing a graduation plan requires two steps. First, students meet with the academic advisor to complete the graduation plan and discuss remaining requirements for graduation. After obtaining three signed copies of the graduation plan from the advisor, students meet with Megan Merrill (Coordinator, Students Services & Records, 107 Lowry, 882-6411) to file the grad plan. Students should do this within two weeks of meeting with the academic advisor.

Course Scheduling

After a student has met with the academic advisor and reviewed degree requirements, it is the student’s responsibility to use the degree requirements and graduation plan to select appropriate courses for enrollment. Students should prepare a tentative schedule before Early Registration begins. Students may email their tentative schedule to the academic advisor for review or discuss it in a walk-in meeting.

Graduation Check

The term BEFORE the semester of graduation, students should call the A&S Advisement Center in 107 Lowry Hall (573) 882-6411 and make an appointment to complete a graduation check with Eric Carter (Coordinator, Student Services & Records). Mr. Carter is the final authority on remaining requirements for graduation for students with this major. He also provides information about commencement via email after the final grad check. Students should regularly check their MU email account for information from Mr. Carter during their senior year.