International Studies

Before Meeting with an Advisor

  • Read ALL of the information about the degree on our website.
  • Understand the demands of an individually designed major.
  • Determine the foreign language(s) you are interested in studying.
  • Evaluate your ability to participate in a study abroad experience.
  • Peruse the course options for the major.
  • Still interested? Schedule an appointment with the advisor via MU Connect

The Bachelor of Arts in International Studies is an individually designed major with a strong multicultural and global focus. Students in the major have the opportunity to design a major that reflects their own interests and goals. The increased level of flexibility requires a higher level of commitment than is typical of traditional majors because students MUST do the work of building their own degree.

International Studies majors acquire analytical skills and knowledge that will enable them to understand and contribute to shaping the quickly evolving global community. The program prepares students for graduate study and careers in academia, teaching, law, business, public policy, humanitarian aid, non-profit organizations, government, and diplomacy. Students in the program will study advanced foreign language and participate in a study abroad experience to fulfill degree requirements.