Students pursuing a major within the Office of Multidisciplinary Degrees are able to earn academic credit for completing an approved internship experience and accompanying coursework. The purpose of the senior-level internship course is to give students comprehensive, practical experience in a real world employment setting. The internship experience allows students to apply their academic knowledge and critical thinking skills in work environments and in proscribed written assignments while engaging in initial personal professional development.


  • Students must be in good academic standing (term and cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher) and cannot be on academic probation to apply for approval of an Internship.
  • Students must not have any active Student Conducts holds to apply for approval of an Internship.
  • Students may not complete an Internship at a current place of employment.
  • Students must work 50 hours for each credit hour earned. 3 credits =150 hrs; 6 credits =300 hrs.
  • Students must fulfill all the assignments outlined in the syllabus, and the Internship supervisor must submit a performance evaluation.
  • Internships receive a grade of S or U (pass/fail).
  • Students may not earn retroactive credit for Internships.
  • A maximum of 6 hours of Internship may apply to graduation for General Studies and Interdisciplinary Studies majors.
  • A maximum of 12 hours of Internship, Readings, and/or Special Problems may apply to graduation for General Studies and Interdisciplinary Studies majors.
  • The Office reserves the right to deny internship project approval to any student or any internship site it believes will not reflect positively on the University.
  • NOTE: Students planning to complete an Internship abroad must complete the steps outlined in the Internships Abroad section below BEFORE submitting an internship application.

Internship as Capstone

  • The Capstone must be completed in the final 45 hours of coursework.
  • Students must have a Capstone approved by their academic advisor.
  • Students must earn a grade of Satisfactory (pass) to fulfill the Capstone requirement.
  • Students may complete an Internship without using the course to fulfill the Capstone requirement.

Application Process

  1. Complete the entire Internship Application AFTER reading page 2 of the application.
  2. Attach a proposal to the Internship Application. Proposal instructions are included on page 2 of the application.
  3. Have your Internship supervisor sign the form or attach an email from them verifying you are completing an Internship.
  4. Bring the completed application to 114 Switzler Hall (9am-noon or 1pm-4pm), or email it to before the beginning of the term in which the internship will be completed (preferably early May for Summer internships; early August for Fall internships; and early January for Spring internships).
  5. The Office will review your application. If approved, you will be given permission to enroll in the course in myZou. Students must register by the last day to add a course for the semester. To avoid late fees, enroll during the early registration period. These dates are available at

Internships Abroad

Students pursuing an internship abroad must complete the following steps BEFORE submitting an Internship Application.

  1. Review the U.S. Department of State travel information for the country to which you will be traveling. IMPORTANT: MU does not support study or university-funded travel to a country for which the U.S. Department of State has issued a travel warning (see current list). If a student chooses to study in one of these countries against the advice of the University, he/she will not be registered as an MU student and will not have access to University support, resources or facilities during that time.
  2. Read and follow all the MU International Center’s recommendations regarding independently arranged international activities (IAIA).
  3. Complete the MU application for IAIA at the bottom of the page at Internship approval will not be granted until this application is submitted to the MU International Center. Further instructions are provided in the application, but in brief the application requires that the student
    • enroll in HTH Worldwide Blanket Student Accident and Sickness Insurance (A copy of the HTH insurance card will be required for the IAIA application);
    • provide participant information including location and program details;
    • sign UM System Assumption of Risk and Release form;
    • provide information on veteran status, if applicable;
    • speak with a financial aid advisor and complete a financial planning worksheet, if using financial aid; and
    • sign Waiver for Health Care Providers.
  4. Questions about completing the MU IAIA application or study abroad should be directed to the Associate Director of Study Abroad Paulina Perkins (
  5. Once the MU IAIA application is completed, the completed Internship Application discussed above can be submitted to the Office of Multidisciplinary Degrees. 


Find detailed information about the course requirements and assignments in the Internship 4940 Syllabus.