Advising and Declaring the Minor

  1. Read ALL the information about the minor on our website.
  2. Email the academic advisor with any questions you have regarding the requirements or course selection.
  3. To officially declare your minor in East Asian Studies, fill out the declaration form. Once you have received confirmation of your minor declaration, you can access your progress towards your minor by running a degree audit. If you have questions about the minor after you view your degree audit, contact the advisor for the minor, Kibby Smith, at Here is more information about declaring a minor


  • Complete 9 hours related to one cultural group and 6 hours related to a second cultural group. For example, a student can complete 9 hours related to Chinese studies and 6 hours related to Japanese studies. The cultural group options are Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.
  • At least 6 credits must be numbered 2000 level or above.
  • Nine of the required credits must be completed at MU.
  • The elementary levels of language (Japanese, Chinese, and/or Korean) may NOT be used to fulfill minor requirements.
  • Intermediate-level language courses may be used to meet minor requirements.


  • Courses outside the major department, but required for the major, may be used to fulfill minor requirements.
  • Courses required for the minor may also be used to meet the College of Arts & Science Foundation requirements.
  • Minors are only awarded to undergraduate students who are simultaneous recipients of a Bachelor degree.
  • Students may not earn a major and a minor in the same field.