• The Capstone can be an approved internship, a readings course, a service learning project, or a 4000-level course in the major.
  • The Capstone must be completed in the final 45 hours of coursework.
  • Students must earn a C- or higher or grade of Satisfactory to fulfill the Capstone requirement.
  • A maximum of 6 hours of Internship may apply to graduation.
  • A maximum of 12 hours of Internship, Readings, and/or Service Learning may apply to graduation.
  • Students must have a Capstone approved by their academic advisor.
  • Students may complete an internship, readings, and/or service learning project that is not used as a Capstone.

Internships 4940

Students pursuing a major within the Office of Multidisciplinary Degrees are able to earn academic credit for completing an approved internship experience and accompanying coursework. The purpose of the senior-level internship course is to give students comprehensive, practical experience in a real world employment setting. The internship experience allows students to apply their academic knowledge and critical thinking skills in work environments and in proscribed written assignments while engaging in initial personal professional development. See the Internships section for additional information including the Internship Application and Internship 4940 Syllabus.

Readings 4960

Students work independently with MU faculty on research and/or professional projects. A student finds a campus professor with whom to work. Together, they create concrete objectives for a meaningful project. The professor guides and supervises the student towards completion of the project and is responsible for awarding a letter grade for the course.

Interdisciplinary Studies 4970: Service-Learning Internship

The Office of Service-Learning provides help placing you in a non-profit or government for-credit internship experience. Service-Learning experiences range in scope from marketing, fundraising, social media, research, as well as hands-on with children and elderly clients. We help you identify an organization that is a good fit for you based on your goals and interests. There is also a required classroom component as well as a minimum cumulative 2.5 GPA. 

To learn more about the placement and application process, sign up via MUConnect for a government or non-profit workshop. Once applications are submitted, it generally takes 2-3 weeks to complete the placement process. For more information, visit https://servicelearning.missouri.edu/clip/how-to-get-started/ or email CLIP@missouri.edu.

4000-level Course in a Component Area

Students can select a 4000-level course in one of their component areas to fulfill the Capstone requirement. This course does not need to be a departmental Capstone in order to fulfill the requirement.